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Intro to Bernina Software Version 9: 

An overview of the features, initial setup, and navigation of the software.This class is free with software purchases from Bernina of Renton. 

Requirements: A windows laptop installed with Windows 10 or 11 Version 9 of Creator or DesignerPlus software installed and registered. 

Since the software is based on the same navigation principles as the Windows Office software interface, you should have a good working knowledge of the Open, Close, Save, and Save as File options, be able to find files in libraries, create new folders, use printer functions, and understand how to navigate to various locations on your computer. If you understand how to use Word, then picking up on the navigation functionality in Software 9 will be familiar to you. 

Features Classes #1 - #10 

These classes can be purchased individually or as a series. Classes #1 through #4 are applicable to both Creator and Designer Plus versions of the software. Classes #5 through #10 require the Designer Plus version. 

  • Individual classes can be purchased for $45 
  • Classes 1-4 can be purchased as a series for $119 
  • The series of 10 classes can be purchased for $299 

Note - These are technique classes, not finished project classes. 

To register, please call the store at 425-255-8673. 

Individual Feature Classes for Version 9 Software 

1. Lettering and Monogram Magic (Creator and DesignerPlus) 
Learn to add lettering to your embroidery designs and how to use that skill to make a quilt label. Learn to design a monogram that you can then use to embroider on your own project such as a pillowcase or towel.

2. Editing Overview with Wreathing (Creator and DesignerPlus)
Learn to use the editing functions in the software to make a beautiful wreath. This wonderful feature teaches you how to edit out a portion of a design and create multiples of that section to create a beautiful wreath. We will add a design to the center and you then have a beautiful embroidery design that can be embroidered on your own projects such as home décor or clothing. We will also use what we learned about lettering to insert lettering into the design to create labels. 

3. Applique (Creator and DesignerPlus) 
Learn to use software version 9 to take a basic shape and turn it into a personalized applique. You will learn to convert a design to applique, digitize it, combine appliques, and digitize circles. You will then have a finished flower design that is ready to be embroidered. 

4. Auto-Digitize and Magic Wand Tools (Creator and DesignerPlus)
Learn how to take an artwork design and create your own embroidery design from it. The lesson will cover auto digitizing colored artwork, editing the design, and changing stitch types, angles, and pull compensation. We will then use a different design to learn how to use the Magic Wand digitizing tools. 

5. Mapping Keyboard Lettering (DesignerPlus) 
In DesignerPlus version 9 we are adding to our lettering skills by taking a lettering design collection on our computer and mapping it to the keyboard so you can type the letters. This is a great way to match logos. 

6. Editing Stitch Types (DesignerPlus) 
Learn how to use the Factory Design function to choose articles of clothing, add edit fill types, change outlines, offsets and using blackwork run to reduce jump stitches. You will end up with a design ready to embroidery on your own article of clothing. 

7. Introduction to Manual Digitizing (DesignerPlus) 
Learn to click your way to design freedom using the tools included in DesignerPlus version 9. We will learn the tools you can use to digitize a graphic or drawn image into a data format that embroidery machines understand.

8. Quilting Efffects (DesignerPlus) 
Learn to use the Quilting Efffects toolbox to quickly create a quilt block, add embroidery to it and add a quilting background. 

9. Advanced Applique (DesignerPlus) 
Add to your applique skills by building on what we learned in the single applique class. We will be using a darling elephant design to learn to digitize from the background to the foreground using the advanced tools available in DesignerPlus version 9. 

10. Special Effects (DesignerPlus) 
Take your digitizing to the next level as we learn the special effects options that are included in DesignerPlus version 9. We will cover the 3D Globe Effect, Textured Edge, Gradient Fill, Star Effect, Wave Effect, Carving Stamps Alternating Patterns, Elastic Fancy Fill, and Morphing.